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All you need to know about EST4

A New Leader is Born

EST4 is the premier emergency communications system from EDWARDS. Though it represents a small change in name from its predecessor, EST4’s leap forward in capability is anything but diminutive. This exciting flagship system features a whole new network architecture that makes fire alarm, mass notification, and building integration easy to implement, quick to service, and secure in the face of today’s cyber threats.
EST4 offers usability from the moment the control panel is powered up by combining the simplicity of color LCD touchscreen technology with at-a-glance programmable color display strips and tactile direct-access control buttons.  EST4’s new network architecture provides you with not only great flexibility for new installations, the EST4 network won’t orphan EST3 for retrofits and give options that allow existing wiring to be reused even with EST4’s advanced self-configuring IPv6 network.   A network that adapts to a wide range of network configurations, including rings, stars, redundant segment, and full mesh topology. The network even allows changes in the physical layer from copper to fiber, and employs hot-swappable network connections at control panels and annunciators.
As part of the launch, Edwards has created numerous resources to help understand, prepare and deploy the EST4 platform. This includes information to help with selling, training, quoting and designing an EST4 system.
The marketing release notes provide a one stop destination of what’s available. This document is structured to give an overview of what’s available and then provides links to the specific documents and detailed information.  Please take a moment to review and expand your EST4 knowledge. 


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Overview Presentation

The EST4 overview presentation will provide a high level view of the features, benefits and components of the EST4 system.  Please log in to MyEddie and click here  to download.
Catalog Sheets

There are 13 new catalog sheets for EST4 and 7 existing catalog sheets that have been updated to support EST4. 

Please see below the list and click here to download.

New for EST4

Revised catalog sheets, now supporting EST4

Other Marketing tools

Additional collateral  
​​As these documents become available, they will be posted on Lifelines

Integrated media campaign

To support the launch of EST4 we will be executing an integrated media campaign that includes print, digital and social media.  The campaign will focus on driving brand awareness about the capabilities of Edwards and its partners and specific EST4 messaging.  To learn more about the campaign click here .


Like EST3, EST4 has a certification training class.  The class is 1-week long and is currently available in Bradenton and coming soon to our new Western training center in Arizona.

For information on the training calendar and scheduling your EST4 training classes please click here


Project Review Process

Because mid to larger fire alarm and emergency communication systems can be complex and EST4 has new capabilities and a new architecture we are implementing a project review process to ensure any projects quoted can be designed and deployed to everyone’s expectations.
For a limited time, all potential EST4 projects will need to be reviewed by our Applications Engineering team.  To start the process please reach out to your District Manager.

Specification Tools
The EST4 SpecBuilder give you the tools to quickly create a guide spec that you can customize for your projects.  The EST4 specification builder includes the new features that give EST4 customer, installation and operation benefits.  Check it out here .
BIM Files
Click here  to access BIM drawings of EST4. 
Node Count Calculator
As with any new product there is a learning curve to being able to quote new projects accurately.  The Node Count Calculator tool will aid you in estimating the total number of EST4 nodes your quote will need, be it a retrofit of and EST3 or a new installation.  Your use of the tool will help you and Application Engineering ensure you have the equipment needed to support your projects. Please login to MyEddie and click here  to access the Node Count Calculator and go to Training and Resources > Application Notes
System Builder  
The new system builder provides the SKU numbers, pricing, and many of the same functions you have come to expect from System Builder, but with an EST4 focus, helping you quote projects as accurately as possible.
Please login to MyEddie and click here  to access system builder. 
Pricing and Software Licenses
Pricing of EST4 equipment is available to partners that have at least one technician who has successfully completed EST4 training. Once trained, your company myeddie administrator will be assigned the 4-CU (EST4 Configuration Utility) license administrator role. 

A letter from Edwards will provide detailed information to your business.  

To ensure success for this new product, visibility of the EST4 price list, and order entry is controlled.  A Price list is not visible on MyEddie until at least one technician in your organization has successfully completed EST4 training.

All quotations and order entry for EST4 is being managed through your District Manager to help ensure success with new parts.  What this means is that all orders and quotes must be discussed with your District Manager; this applies to both trained and non-trained partners.  All quotes will be assigned a Pre-Sales Application Engineering case number that you will include with your product order. 
Orders that have not been registered and entered with the Pre-Sales case number will not be accepted by the Edwards Order Entry Department.
All EST4 orders must go through Edwards Order Entry Department; MyEddie orders are currently not being accepted.

EST4 has many new features, new parts and backwards compatibility, too.  To take advantage of all the power of EST4, technical knowledge is needed and there is technical documentation to support submittals and installations alike.  Below is a list of the technical documentation available.  Please sign in to MyEddie and then click here.

Application, Migration and User Guides

Operating Instructions, Technical Reference Manual and Drawing Package 

Agency listing information  

For other listing information please refer to the EST4 catalog sheet

New and updated installation sheets


A new leader is born